Precision engineering

Partnering with Kadel ensures reliable and dedicated engineers committed to quality and precision.


CNC Turning

At Kadel Engineering, we excel in the manufacturing of high-precision turned and mill/turn parts using our advanced twin spindle CNC lathe. This state-of-the-art machine not only performs turning but also milling, drilling, and tapping operations. It allows us to efficiently complete complex parts in a single operation.


CNC Sliding Head Turning

We specialise in delivering high-precision, small-turned and mill/turn parts with exceptional efficiency. Our CNC sliding head turning process ensures that components are finished straight off the machine, making it ideal for medium and high-volume production of small-turned parts in various materials.


CNC Milling

Our facility is equipped with a range of 3, 4, and 5-axis Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) fitted with 20-30 BT40 tool carousels. These machines are capable of machining components up to 2 meters in length, ensuring precise and versatile milling solutions.


CAD - CAM & 3D Models

To reduce programming errors and enhance precision, we employ the latest CAD CAM software. Our ability to accept CAD data and 3D models, coupled with off-line programming capabilities and DNC linkage to our machines, saves time and minimizes programming errors.


Single Source Solution

Kadel offers a 'single source solution' to save you both time and money. Many components require various sub-contract operations before reaching the final product, such as anodizing, EZP plating, painting, and heat treatment. We've cultivated strong relationships with trusted suppliers, enabling us to handle the entire process and deliver a complete, ready-to-use product to our customers.


Assemblies & Kits

We simplify your operations by providing sub-assemblies or kits of parts, which not only offer significant cost savings but also reduce the need for extensive management and procurement resources. Additionally, this approach minimizes packaging and waste, promoting environmental sustainability.


If you're searching for precision components, Kadel is your trusted partner.